Stay Healthy.
Get Healthy.

Overcome challenges, initiate progress
for better health & wellbeing

Sanusx Outline

SanusX is a corporate start-up established by UNIQA Insurance Group In 2020. We set out to make the world a healthier place by ideating, incubating and scaling health and wellbeing solutions in cooperation with visionary partners across the international healthcare sector.

SanusX contributes to better physical & mental health and well-being through B2B and B2C solutions that focus on staying healthy and getting healthy. SanusX identifies gaps in the current healthcare landscape to offer unique value propositions that resolve pressing current and future concerns.

We are pioneers striving to make the world a healthier place through impactful new business ideas, products and services. We wholeheartedly embrace the transformational changes facing the healthcare sector and lead our customers on the lifelong path to health and well-being.

We want to empower people to live better and healthier lives, and enable companies to do the same for their employees and, by doing so, to enrich the international healthcare ecosystem. We aspire to taking an active role in our customers’ lives and making a clear positive impact on their health and wellbeing. We care about people and believe in progress – individual and systemic.

The Challenges

  • Aging Population

    Our population is getting older. By 2030 the elderly (60+ age group) will account for 31% of the total Austrian and 29% of the total European population - With massive effects on our healthcare system


  • Chronic Diseases

    While life expectancy is increasing, the incidence of chronic diseases is on the rise as well (+30% from 2000-2016). As a consequence expenses associated with chronic diseases are rising as well.


  • Mental Health

    Approximately 1 in 6 Europeans suffer from mental health problems. Besides the individual suffering a 2018 OECD Report estimates associated costs for the EU28 at over 600 billion euros.


  • Under-prioritization of prevention

    Our healthcare system was designed to treat acute diseases and regenerate health. On the contrary preventive measures are hugely under-prioritized even though they have significant potential to mitigate


Our Solutions

  • Primary care

    To ensure the physical fitness of employees we offer a single point of contact for employees and facilitate access to a wide range of health and wellbeing services.


  • Corporate Health

    We support companies and their employees in four areas: Diagnostics, Physical and Mental Health and Nutrition. The offer ranges from mobile health checks to back strengthening training and nutrition coaching to employee assistance programmes (mental coaching). We also offer a digital portal with articles, videos, exercises and self-tests.


  • Active Aging/Elderly Care

    We support individuals to age with dignity and comfort and aspire to be a trusted partner in the field of twenty-four-hour care. We are driven to innovate and leverage the latest digital tools, serving the elderly as well as caregivers, while we make sure to never lose our focus on people.


Our Team

We believe in the power of people to tackle even the greatest challenges of today and tomorrow. We are innovators and inspiring coaches who make a real impact on and play an active role in our customers’ lives.