Elderrific '21

The Startup Competition for Elderly Care Tech

Sanusx Outline

Elderrific '21 startup challenge is now closed, and the winner Myosotis GmbH was announced in November 2021.

"Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64”

The Beatles recorded “When I’m 64” in 1967. The average life expectancy at that time was round 57 years. Today people run marathons or sign up for online cooking classes at this age. Thanks to medical advances, better nutrition and improving lifestyle, most of us will live for over 20 years after reaching retirement age. This period is the focus point of Elderrific '21.

Why should you participate?

You will have the chance to receive up to EUR 50,000 funding to accelerate the development of your business.

In addition, we can support your growth by providing you with:

1. Access to our know-how, healthcare opinion leaders, as well as our ecosystem across DACH and Eastern Europe.

2. An opportunity to test your products and solutions with early customers of elderlies, caregivers, and other players in the space

3. Access to favorable conditions for office space if you are located in Vienna.

Who should apply?

We welcome all applications, in particular those that can do the following:

1. An MVP or another way of showing us how your solution will work

2. Demonstrate that you are working on a product/service/platform/technology that is tackling a universal problem in the elderly care space and that this solution is internationally scalable.

3. Demonstrate passion for the idea and that the business will improve the lives of elderlies and those who take care of them.

4. Evidence that you put customers first, and that during the development of your product you gathered valuable insights from potential users and other stakeholders.


What is SanusX?

SanusX is a corporate start-up established in 2020 by UNIQA Insurance Group, a leading insurance provider in CEE. While we operate outside the insurance industry, we utilize UNIQA’s network in the health sector including five Hospitals and more than 250 doctors and VitalCoaches. These resources enable us to develop innovative products and service that have a noticeable positive impact on our customers lives. While SanusX is based in Austria, we aim to provide solutions that make an international impact.

What is Health Hub Vienna?

Health Hub Vienna helps corporates to pursue digital health-related innovation projects via connecting them to high potential startups. Health Hub Vienna’s mission is to create a community that drives Healthtech innovation via pioneering win-win scenarios for all stakeholders (patients, health care providers, corporates, startups, public players). For this reason, HHV stopped relying on luck and developed a tried and tested method to engineer use cases that benefit corporations, startups and the users and providers of the healthcare system in order to drive Austrian and European healthcare innovation forward.

Why elderly care?

In this day and age, people can expect to live longer than ever before. The rise of average life expectancy also sees people wanting to spend their old age in their own home. If we are to avoid a crisis of domestic care, we need to ensure that innovative solutions, needs-driven models and sufficient capacities are in place.

Do we have to be present in Vienna?

The competition will take place in the digital space. You do not have to be present in Vienna.

How can I apply?

You need to submit your application using the online application form.

How should I answer the open questions in the application?

Your application should contain as much information as necessary for us to understand what you are doing, your qualifications, your motivation and the way you want to change the world. On the basis of your responses, the jury consisting of SanusX and Health Hub Vienna members will select the startups admitted to the assessment phase.

What happens during the final Pitch Day?

Pitch Day offers you the opportunity to present your solution concept to the just consisting of SanusX and Health Hub Vienna members and to receive a funding of up to EUR 50,000. Final Pitch Day will take place on the 20th of October.