Our Company

We are innovators and inspiring coaches providing health and wellbeing solutions for individuals, companies and ultimately contributing to a healthier society

Sanusx Outline


SanusX was founded in 2020 as the exploration unit of UNIQA Insurance Group. We are based in the heart of Vienna and focus on delivering healthcare solutions. Apart from insurance products we are free to create innovative healthcare solutions addressing significant customer pain points. Being part of UNIQA, gives us a privilige to leverage UNIQA's network in the health sector including five hospitals, more than 250 doctors and VitalCoaches. We have a huge ambition ahead of us to create healthcare solutions on a global level.

Health & wellbeing

SanusX contributes to better physical and mental health and wellbeing through orchestrated B2B and B2C solutions that focus on prevention (staying healthy) and rehabilitation (getting healthy).

SanusX identifies gaps and pain points in the current healthcare ecosystem and finds innovative solutions to resolve various challenges. We are not only constantly searching for new ideas, but also looking for partners to collaborate with who share our beliefs and want to take them to the next level. Healthcare is huge with lots of different horrizons. Learn more about our current solutions.

of innovators and
inspiring coaches

We are innovation-driven pioneers striving to make the world a healthier place through impactful new business ideas, products and services. We keep our finger on the pulse of health trends. To our customers, we act as inspiring coaches who understand their needs and perspectives while guiding them on their lifelong journey to stay or get healthy.

for individuals,
companies and
a healthier society

We want to empower people to live better and healthier lives, and enable companies to do the same for their employees. We aspire to taking an active role in our customers’ lives and making a clear positive impact on their health and wellbeing. Through the promotion of health and wellbeing, the modernization of processes, and the sustainable use of resources we intend to improve not only individual health but healthcare service as we know it.