Our Team & Leadership

The SanusX team consists of health experts, business innovators and inspiring coaches. We support people on their journey to a healthier and better life.

Sanusx Outline
  • Erich Kruschitz

    “At SanusX we are constantly encouraged to think different, learn fast and change perspectives while keeping our eyes on the big prize: To change the world for the better.”

  • Jan Gruber

    “Progress does not always mean turning away from established solutions – but to extend them and make them more accessible to more people.”

  • Artur Savenkov

    “A lean start-up approach and design thinking are an ideal environment for achieving true innovation and success. At SanusX we are able to use unconventional strategies and disruptive creative processes to untangle key problems of modern healthcare.”

  • Lukas Mayrl

    “To sustainably improve our health and wellbeing, we need to shift the focus from reactive treatment to prevention. In order to stay healthy we need personalized and accessible solutions that become entrenched into our daily routine as a natural habit.”

  • Sandra Hennig

    “Interdisciplinary cooperation is at the heart of what we do. It determines our creative process, our business and, above all, our success.”

What we believe in

Every human being is different – especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. We firmly believe that a holistic and individualistic approach is key to stay or get healthy. We strive to be inspiring coaches who always focus on our customers’ needs and expectations – whether we are creating new products and services or communicating with our customers. This mindset enables us to play a clear positive role in our customers’ lives.

The challenges facing our healthcare system are manifold and substantial. COVID-19 has shown how fast new threats can emerge. To meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs, the ability to innovate is indispensable. With ground-breaking advances like digitalization, with efficient new processes and promising treatment methods on the horizon, the time is ripe for a new age, a courageous leap forward. We see ourselves at the forefront of this revolutionary paradigm shift and are looking forward to playing our part in making the world a healthier place.

Today, patients und customers are taking a much more active role in their lifelong journey towards health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that patient participation in decision-making and treatment has a considerable impact on therapeutic success. This is why we are working hard to offer our customers the highest possible level of transparency – in our products and services as well as in our communication.

True innovation and progress can only be achieved in an engaging work environment where ideas are able to flow and everybody’s concerns are taken seriously. This applies to both internal cooperation and external partnerships. As SanusX we cherish and nurture a culture based on freedom and responsibility as well as free thinking and trust. Only this culture is able to harbour the innovators and inspiring coaches our customers deserve.

Portrait Erich with dark shirt and hair

Erich Kruschitz

Managing director

Prior to joining SanusX, I accumulated over ten years of valuable experience in a variety of functions within the executive management of UNIQA and PremiQaMed. Furthermore, I have an Executive MBA from INSEAD Business School. Building on my experience, I strongly believe that an international perspective, diversity, and the empowerment of freedom and responsibility are crucial to tackling the challenges of today and tomorrow in the healthcare industry and beyond.


Lukas Mayrl

Managing director

My professional life is rooted in the belief that any striving business needs to be built on the foundation of an entrepreneurial mindset and the desire to create positive impact in the world. As an innovation, brand purpose and marketing executive at Red Bull I’ve already had the privilege of successfully putting my beliefs into practice in various global roles while also working with more than 250 international start-ups who changed the world for the better. Today, at SanusX, my focus lies on contributing to a healthier society through innovative and customer-centred solutions, developed by an agile, professional and passionate team.


Portrait Irina with long blond hair

Irina Kormiletskaya

Culture & HR


Portrait Franz with blond hair

Franz Wirl



Portrait Lea with blond middle long hair

Lea Paradzik

Corporate health


Ojal Paul



Johanna Wolf



Portrait Magdalena with brown middle long hair

Magdalena Prasser

Corporate health


Portrait Mehran with dark hair

Mehran Damestani



Stevan Nikolic



Portrait Mateusz with crossed arms

Mateusz Kurysz

Head of M&A


Portrait Sandra with brown long hair

Sandra Hennig

Corporate health


Julian Harbort



François Gustin

UX Designer


Anna Barbulescu

Innovation catalyst


Sheldon Swanepoel

Innovation catalyst


Ines Culinovic

Marketing & communication expert


Fredrik Wendschlag



Megha Bhola

Corporate health


Jörgen Vöhringer

IT project manager


Marcela Hoyos Moreno

Office Coordinator


Ondrej Gandel



Daria Lyubaeva

Data visualisation specialist


Grace Bejarano

Finance specialist


Julija Letnik

Assistant to managing director


Jozef Martinak

M&A Expert


Igor Romanchuk

Infrastructure Coordinator


Johanna Resch



Peter Klager



Stefan Hromatka

Active Aging


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