Finding Solutions

In order to play the part of a holistic adviser and coach in our customers’ lives, together with the experts in the relevant fields we are constantly looking for solutions to the challenges that face our healthcare system today and in the future, We want these solutions to be both innovative and efficient – always putting the individual’s well-being front and centre.

Sanusx Outline

Elderly Care – Our Service and Our Vision

Nowadays, people can expect to live longer than ever before. The growth in life expectancy also sees people wanting to age with comfort and dignity in their own home. In order to avoid a crisis of domestic care, we need to ensure that innovative solutions, needs-driven models and sufficient capacities are in place.

At SanusX, we have made it our goal to set new standards by offering innovative services which respond to the needs of those that need them and those who deliver them. To take on this major task, we have partnered with cura domo. With over a thousand satisfied customers, cura domo is Austria’s largest owner-managed agency offering twenty-four-hour care and has earned a reputation for competence and customer-oriented care solutions. The company has been in business for eighteen years, offering services in the areas of care at home, assisted living and facility management. We have joined forces with cura domo to advance change in the realm of active and assisted aging. While we are driven to innovate and take full advantage of the latest digital tools, we make sure to never lose our focus on people. Our solutions include distance learning for caregivers and bespoke care models.

Great challenges call for combined action, which is why we are on the lookout for new partners. These can be in the shape of agencies offering traditional care services, universities and colleges, or start-ups with big ideas for the future. Step by step, we are working to be the most reliable provider not only in Austria, but also – in the long run – in other countries. Find out more at

Mavie: A New Approach to Corporate Health

The last few years in particular have really highlighted the importance of mental and physical health. Our ability to create and be productive is heavily influenced by how we are feeling. Mavie aims to set new standards in this area by providing more people with low-threshold access to healthcare services.

Mavie supports businesses and their employees in four areas: diagnostics, physical and mental health, and nutrition. Its portfolio ranges from mobile health checks, back-strengthening training and nutrition coaching to employee assistance programmes (mental coaching). Mavie also provides a digital portal filled with articles, videos, exercises and self-tests.

Its focus is on promoting physical health, mental fitness and resilience, be that through preventative measures, emergency assistance or personal development programmes. You can find further information at:

Aponect: Digital Pharmacies Are Tomorrow's Local Suppliers

It is largely local pharmacies that are responsible for providing the Austrian population with a reliable supply of medicinal products. With over 400,000 customers walking through their doors each day, pharmacies are one of the most valued institutions on the healthcare market. However, in recent years fully online business models have been starting to upend the status quo. This trend, as well as demand from end customers, calls for a modernisation of traditional pharmacy services.

In order to achieve this, Aponect is developing a digital interface between end customers and pharmacies. It makes the daily processes of pharmacies easier and more efficient for both parties. We believe that personal advice and the pharmaceutical expertise of the pharmacists are not only the proven recipe for success of the past, but also an essential building block for the future. Thanks to Aponect, digitalisation and in-person advice no longer a contradiction but are complementary success factor to strengthen the pharmacy as a local supplier. Find out more at

Lifely: Personalised Blood Tests

For far too long, our healthcare system has focused on getting people healthy instead of staying healthy. This results, among other things, in chronic diseases and a reduced quality of life. lifely aims to change that with the blood tests developed by doctors.

After the simple and safe blood test that customers can take from the comfort of their own home, they receive their results as a detailed and easy-to-understand health report prepared by the doctors at lifely. This provides them with an insight into the state of their own health and any risk factors. The lifely products give customers the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their personal health goals and maintain them over the long term. For more information, visit