Finding Solutions

In order to play the part of a holistic adviser and coach in our customers’ lives, we are constantly looking for solutions to the challenges facing our healthcare system now and in the future. We want these solutions to be innovative and practical – always putting the individual’s wellbeing front and centre.

Sanusx Outline

Elderly Care – Our Service and Our Vision

In this day and age, people can expect to live longer than ever before. The growth in life expectancy also sees people wanting to spend their old age in their own home. If we are to avoid a crisis of domestic care, we need to ensure that innovative solutions, needs-driven models and sufficient capacities are in place.

At SanusX, we have made it our goal to set new standards by offering innovative services which respond to the needs of those that need them and those who deliver them. To take on this major task, we have partnered with cura domo. With over a thousand satisfied customers, cura domo is Austria’s largest owner-managed agency offering twenty-four-hour care and has earned a reputation for competence and customer-oriented care solutions. The company has been in business for eighteen years, offering services in the areas of care at home, assisted living and facility management. We have joined forces with cura domo to advance change in the realm of active and assisted aging. While we are driven to innovate and take full advantage of the latest digital tools, we make sure to never lose our focus on people. Our solutions include distance learning for caregivers and bespoke care models.

Great challenges call for combined action, which is why we are on the lookout for new partners. These can be in the shape of agencies offering traditional care services, universities and colleges, or start-ups with big ideas for the future. Step by step, we are working to be the most reliable provider not only in Austria, but also – in the long run – in other countries.

Mental Health – Our Service and Our Vision

The stresses of everyday life often lead us to neglect our own wellbeing. In a world in which we can be reached anywhere and at any time, we find ourselves increasingly pressed for time. The impact this has on our mental health is often ignored – until it’s too late.

Yet the importance of mental health in the workplace has long been a familiar issue. Although we may not be fully aware of it, our creativity and productivity are crucially influenced by how we feel. There is increased demand for recreational facilities to be offered in the workplace. Still, only few people ever seek support for themselves.

If this is to change, easily accessible services that reach as many working people as possible are needed. SanusX strives to set new standards in this field and lower the threshold for more people to access psychological counselling and support – both preventatively and in critical situations.

Our subsidiary, consentiv, entered the market in 1998 and has established itself at the forefront of providing mental health care in the workplace. Its services range from external counselling (employee assistance programmes) and evaluating mental stress factors in the workplace to seminars and training programs.

Together, we seek to make a valuable contribution to promoting mental health. We combine consentiv’s established excellence in coaching and counselling with new digital possibilities. One of our current initiatives is developing a new product - a digital interface that gives staff quick, easy and confidential access to a wide range of content, from self-directed activities to support and counselling tailored to their needs. Our focus is on promoting mental fitness, health and resilience – both preventatively and in acute situations of challenge and crisis. In doing so, we create the foundation essential ftor a healthy life.

SanusX Health Shield: On-site Corona Testing in the Workplace

The ubiquity of the Covid-19 pandemic has not left the workplace untouched. Even a suspected case of infection among the staff may lead to the suspension of production or enforcement of restricted operations. As a holistic healthcare provider, we strongly believe that we have a part to play in coping with the pandemic.

The SanusX Health Shield is your gateway to fast help in safeguarding the health of your staff amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to a fully digitised process, we are able to offer your business fast, simple and safe processing of Covid-19 tests. We offer on-site tests at your company’s location anywhere in Austria, with a minimum of only fifteen participants. Every week, we perform several thousand tests across multiple sites. If you, too, need help in dealing with the ongoing crisis, please contact us at or by following this Link.